Empowering Communities Through Our Honey Nutrition Initiative

We help families in Northern Uganda improve nutrition and household income by providing comprehensive beekeeping training, supplying necessary equipment, and guiding them to establish their own apiary. 


Good Nutrition


Are there sustainable income opportunities within our communities?

Comprehensive Beekeeping Training

Allows for sustainable honey production and pollination, addressing malnutrition and increasing crop yield.

High-quality Beekeeping Equipment Supply

Enhances productivity and reduces the risk of equipment-related issues, maximizing the success of Beekeeping projects.

Ongoing support and guidance

Fosters a sense of community and collaboration, strengthening the impact of nutrition initiatives and promoting sustainability.


What sets us apart at Yodeli is our unwavering dedication to community empowerment and sustainable practices. We prioritize collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity in everything we do, ensuring that our initiatives make a meaningful and lasting impact on the people of Alebtong and Lira Districts, and Northern Uganda.

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What People Are Saying...

Yodeli Honey project has brought great prosperity to our region. Thanks to their beekeeping training, our community, led by Patrick Ocen, has seen remarkable growth in honey production. Their dedication to sustainability and community empowerment is truly inspiring." Alfred Okello, Community Member
Alfred Okello
Alebtong Resident
"As a participant in Yodeli nutrition initiative, I've gained invaluable skills in beekeeping and sustainable farming, thanks to their guidance under Ocen Patrick. Our village is thriving, and the impact on our families' well-being is evident."
Apio Patricia
Alebtong Resident
"Collaborating with Yodeli Honey project has been a blessing for our community. Led by Anyii Isaac, their team's expertise has empowered us to implement successful beekeeping projects. The positive change in our village is a testament to their commitment." -
Dickens Awio
Local Council 1 in Alebtong

Project Sponsor:

Our Honey project and all the programs derived from it was originally made possible by the trust and support provided by Enoch Initiative. Their faith and commitment to see us have a locally owned and sustainable project helped us through the ups and downs it took to get us here. From the entire YODELI team- Thank you!