Our Story

How we started and where we are


which was started in 2012 by a group of youths ranging from age 18-35 years.
This Project was involved in large-scale community and individual small scale Nursery tree planting. It was due to unemployment that has sprung all over the country (Uganda) among the youth that has boosted the members to come up with different ideologies in order to bridge the gap.
In 2016 we was registered as a Community Based Organization(CBO) with lira District Local government Aimed at; fighting climate change, creating employment opportunities and enhance food and nutritional security among others.in 2023 we got incorporated as a private company limited by guarantee with Uganda Registration services bureau with  Registration No: 80034011274968 (Under Section 18(3) of the Companies Act 2012)

Past projects and engagements

in 2016 we were involved in child nutrition improvement where the activities was setting up vegetable plots for the families who had malnourished children in Ngetta sub county Lira district. However the project didn’t have much impact as expected since we didn’t have any financial support to enhance our project.

In 2017 we were discovered by Jaime a UK volunteer who was a team leader of the first circle of VSO ICS volunteers through our Facebook page, Jaime introduced us to the VSO ICS volunteers team and informally started partnering with YODELI SOCIAL FOUNDATION LIMITED in Advocating for the Sustainable development Goals (SDGS) of which our main activities was providing training on simple drip irrigation system of farming, charcoal briquette, paper beads making, local sandals making with used tires, mushrooms’ farming, training on financial literacy . these trainings were conducted in Lira ,Adekokowok and Ngetta sub county Lira district Northern Uganda. YODELI were treated the soul of training under VSO ICS and every time the other circles comes they engage us, from then up to 2020 where the covid-19 disorganized the international volunteers.

in 2021 YODELI signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Enoch Initiative to Support in establishing apiary learning site. this MOU came after friendship we found with Stephen Beacham and he show interest in supporting YODELI Stephen got in contact with Opio. Stephen invited his friends who feels our struggles , Ryan Anderson was introduced by Stephen to YODELI team and little later they came up with the Enoch initiative. we were Able to find different trainings offered by the Enoch initiative , Mathew averts helped us on creation videos taken from the community of Alebtong and Terry brown of Enoch initiative provides us with financial management skills and advice.

in that 2021 ,YODELI received its first donation from the light minded team from the Enoch initiative the USA based charity organization where the donations was used to establish the beekeeping project in Awei (Owalo parish) and (Amononeneo parish)Abako Sub county.