Revolutionizing agriculture with sustainable hand-dug wells

We help both rural and urban farmers achieve cost-effective water access with sustainable hand-dug wells, without compromising on quality or sustainability

Customized water solutions

Economical irrigation

Consistent water access

Struggling with water scarcity for farming?

Sustainable hand-dug wells

Ensures long-term water availability for continuous agricultural production, promoting environmental stewardship and resource conservation.


Affordable water access

Enables cost-effective irrigation, reducing operational expenses and increasing profitability for farmers.


Reliable agricultural support

Guarantees dependable water supply, mitigating risks of crop failure and ensuring consistent yields for sustained farm success.


Our solution to the main problem of accessing reliable water for agricultural production lies in our expertise in providing sustainable hand-dug wells tailored for districts in Northern Uganda. With years of experience serving local farming communities, we’ve successfully installed numerous wells, ensuring consistent water access for thriving crops. Are you tired of struggling with water scarcity hindering your farming efforts? Reach out to us today and start irrigating your way towards agricultural success.


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What People Are Saying...

"I can't express enough gratitude for the hand-dug well installed by Yodeli Social Foundation Limited. Before, our farm struggled with inconsistent water access, stunting our growth. But now, with their sustainable solution, our yields have skyrocketed, and we're finally achieving our full potential. It's truly transformed our livelihood.",Hellen Kella Anere, Farmer
Ober,Lira City East
"Choosing Yodeli for our irrigation needs was the best decision we made for our farm. Their solution not only saved us money upfront but also reduced our long-term operational costs. Most importantly, our crops have never looked healthier, thanks to the reliable water supply they provided. I highly recommend their services to any farmer looking for a cost-effective and efficient irrigation solution." - Lincon, Farm Owner
Ayel Parish, Itek Sub County, Lira District
"In agriculture, water is everything, and finding a dependable water source was our top priority. Thankfully, we found Yodeli, and their hand-dug well has been a game-changer for us. No longer do we worry about droughts or water shortages; their solution has given us peace of mind and ensured consistent yields year-round. I can't thank them enough for their expertise and dedication to helping farmers like us succeed." - Tempa J. Peter Agriculturalist
Aboke, Kole District