Climate change refers to significant and lasting changes in the Earth’s climate patterns, particularly a rise in average global temperatures. This phenomenon is driven by various factors, including both natural processes and human activities.

YODELI SOCIAL FOUNDATION LIMITED is committed in advocating for climate adaptation strategies  by supporting the construction and maintenance of hand-dug water wells. By facilitating access to water for farming, the foundation addresses several critical issues:

Climate Resilience: Enhancing the ability of communities to withstand the adverse effects of climate change through sustainable water management practices.
Community Empowerment: Promoting community development by improving access to water, thereby supporting education, economic activities, and gender equality.
Improved Nutrition: Ensuring a steady supply of nutritious food by enabling diverse and sustained agricultural practices.
By joining hands with local communities and stakeholders, YODELI SOCIAL FOUNDATION LIMITED is making a tangible impact in the fight against climate change while fostering community development and improving nutrition. Please click below to understand more about hand dug wells in Northern Uganda